Strategy analysis: USA @ Barbados (6.22.08)

Happy to see Bob Bradley breaking out the fabled 4-6-0 formation against Barbados. And they said it couldn’t be done. Good thing we didn’t hire one of them foreign coaches. Their lack of understanding of the American player/system would never have allowed them to think this far outside the box and field no strikers…and don’t try to tell me that either Adu or Beasely are capable of playing up top.

One more thing–Now, I’m probably a bigger Ed Lewis fan than most people out there, but can we just end this charade right now? This man should not be starting any matches for us at this point, especially meaningless ones where we could be fielding…I dunno…somebody? anybody? Lee Nguyen? Help me out here. By most estimates, Lewis will be approximately 56 years old by the time the next world cup kicks off. If he were good, I would understand keeping him around. But he’s merely serviceable at this point. Can’t we get someone younger in there?


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