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Missing Persons Report: Kenny Cooper

kenny cooperOK.  This is starting to get ridiculous.  Kenny Cooper is the topic of numerous transfer rumors and now tops the MLS Golden Boot standings with 13 goals in 19 appearances–that’s 5 more than Brian Ching and 13 more than Eddie Johnson since his move to Fulham.  It’s silly (although not surprising) that Cooper hasn’t been called up, especially considering his current form.  Because Bob Bradley still refuses to include this young, talented striker, I’ve decided to shamelessly re-post our June 12th article…

While there are others who could make strong claims to be included in the squad (Ricardo Clark and Robbie Rogers, for example), Kenny Cooper stands out as the most baffling exclusion–I’m honestly shocked. Cooper is in form, second in the MLS golden boot table, and playing a position the U.S. is sorely lacking. I realize Ching has scored only one less goal this year, but Cooper looks like the better player and he’s six years younger. And then there’s Eddie Johnson. While I agree with others that he’s looked a bit better in recent games, he still seems to lack the killer instinct, constantly holding up when he should be heading straight for goal.

What more does Cooper (or what less do the other forwards) need to do to get called in?

For your viewing pleasure, a Kenny Cooper goal compilation:

Hang in there, Kenny.  Your day will come.


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