Confederations Cup Predictions

These predictions are based on absolutely nothing…other than my unparalleled soccer expertize. Like many, I’m not feeling too optimistic about about this tournament after the last two qualifiers. My predictions for Team America…
Record: 0-0-3 (0 pts.)
Goals for/against: 1-6
Leading goal scorer: Giuseppe Rossi, 3 goals. Oh wait…hmm…I’m gonna figure that a defender scores our lone goal on a set piece…let’s say Carlos Bocanegra.
Cards leader: Michael Bradley with 2 yellows in 3 games.
Overall: I think we’re going to get smoked in one of the big two games (0-3 or something like that), keep it close but lose in the other big game (0-1…which will result in some sort of “moral victory” that keeps The World’s Best-Educated Football Coach™ off the hot seat for a while longer), and then we’ll lose to Egypt in the final game (1-2).

I was feeling about the same as Nick before reading his predictions.  Since I feel obligated to disagree with him whenever possible, I’ll go with something slightly more optimistic:
Record: 1-1-1 (4 pts.)
Goals for/against: 2-3
Game 1: Italy will take an early lead in game one and never look back.  Despite being within one goal for most of the game, the US will never look like a real threat to equalize.  Italy wins this game 2-0.
Game 2: The US will score an early goal against Brazil and try to sit on for the rest of the game.  Brazil will finally equalize with about 20 minutes left.  We will continue to sit back and defend, hoping to hold onto the point.  Brazil will come very close (several times) to winning the game but end up splitting points.

Game 3: This will be a fairly even game with both teams needing the points (Egypt will upset Brazil but lose to Italy).  The US will find the go-ahead goal in the second half, but it won’t be enough.  Brazil beats Italy 4-1 to take the second spot out of the group on goal differential.


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