USA-Italy: Ugh.

The Traitor Giuseppe Rossi

The Traitor Giuseppe Rossi

I’m frustrated enough to post this picture again. I knew this was going to happen. You know, I really thought it would be a little different when he scored, a little classier. Maybe I was asking for too much. Then I thought about it some more, and I don’t think I was wrong in expecting a little more from him.

We’ve seen a lot more respect from other players in the past, when scoring against a former team or country of birth:

Podolski scores against Poland (his country of birth) and refuses to celebrate [at about 1:30].

Batistuta cries after scoring against former team Fiorentina.

I know I’m bitter, and maybe I’m expecting too much, but the man spent the first 13 of his 22 years in the United States. I guess that I just expected a little more from him.


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  1. What a bum… I was hoping some American player would have the sense to break one of his legs

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