Lessons learned from the Confederations Cup (so far)

So we’re two matches into our Confederations Cup campaign and we’ve already been eliminated.  Now it’s time to start asking the all-important question–what did we learn?

1. Horns absolutely need to be banned from all World Cup matches.

2. We are awesome at getting players sent off.

3. We still have a hard time scoring from the run of play and the 4-5-1 simply isn’t creating enough offensive opportunities (#2 isn’t helping matters, either).

Check back later for more post-game thoughts and our Man of the Match.

EDIT: In fact, the USA are not yet eliminated from the Confederations Cup.  After Egypt’s inspiring 1-0 victory over Italy, the table sits as follows:  Brazil, 6 pts. (+4 goals); Italy, 3 pts. (+1 goal); Egypt, 3 pts. (0 goals); USA, 0 pts. (-5 goals).  In the event of a 1-goal loss to Brazil on Sunday, the USA could sneak into the semi-finals with a 5-goal victory over Egypt.  Everyone start holding your breath…NOW!


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