Match Preview: 6.21.09 vs. Egypt

MATCH_PREVIEWThe final first round games are about to kick off, so we thought we’d throw our ideal lineup out there. If for no other reason, it will give us the right to say “I told you so” in the event of a loss today. If we win, on the other hand, we will obviously never speak of this again.


I’m so late with this post that they’ve probably already announced the actual lineups, but I’m going to post this anyway. I want to go watch Alexi Lalas blow my mind during the pregame show, so I’ll keep it quick.

• We need more offense. Not just to have any hope of advancing today, but in general. Why has Egypt been fun to watch in this tournament and we haven’t? They attack. It’s no coincidence that they’re in a better position than us today. Our solution? Let’s try playing with less than two defensive midfielders for once. We’ve thrown in a couple more offensive-minded players (Adu and Torres) for good measure. This fresh blood would hopefully inspire a little more competition for places among the team.

• We like Bocanegra on the left side, where he plays in France. DeMerit has shown that he can hold down the center spot, and though Bocanegra is a good central defender, we feel we get more of our better players on the field (and in their proper positions) if we have him on the left side.


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