Man of the Match [6.21.09 vs. Egypt]: Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley

This was a tough one. There were a number of players who could have gotten the nod, but we went with Michael Bradley. Junior Bradley was a beast in midfield, scoring a goal (which he also helped set up), putting another couple of shots on target, and winning balls in midfield.

Will this honor finally put an end to all the cries for putting and end to the cries of nepotism? Probably not. Seriously, every article I’ve read about this kid in the last year or so has some line like, “cries of nepostism must end, this kid is for real.” Come on, lazy soccer writers of America. The cries have ended…quite some time ago. No one is claiming that he only plays because he’s the coach’s son anymore. No one has been writing that for at least a year. He’s one of our best players. So please, please, please, stop adding this to every story in which Michael Bradley is mentioned.

Honorable Mentions: Landon Donovan and Oguchi Onyewu.

Goat of the Game: Another tough one. So many Americans played a great game. Jonathan Bornstien wins this honor for having a merely average match.


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