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Szetela to DC United

The Washington Post is reporting that DC United have acquired 22-year-old midfielder Danny Szetela. Will this move result in Szetela getting another look from Bob Bradley? Only time will tell. While I think getting playing time is important, I wish Danny had stuck it out in Europe for another year.


3 Responses

  1. Really? Playing for the best team in MLS is worse than not playing for a shitty Serie B team?


  2. I’d argue that fighting for a spot on a good Serie B team (26 appearances for Brescia, 5th place in Serie B last year and in Serie A as recently as 2005), a team that I’d bet could take it to any MLS team, would be more beneficial to a young player’s development than playing for the 7th best team (as of 7/17/09) in a league he left only two years before.

    Two years isn’t a long time. Most players have to pay their dues before they get a lot of playing time in Europe. Even young Brazilians often ride the pine for a while in Europe before they get significant time.

    I’m a huge fan of MLS. I’ve followed the league since day one. I follow the USL for crying out loud. I really don’t understand why acknowledging that the level of play is higher in Europe (and that competing for a spot on a superior team might benefit a young player) makes me a Eurosnob.

    I love the Portland Timbers, right? If I said that a youngster would be better off fighting for a spot with San Jose rather than facing lesser competition as one of the top players in the USL, would that mean I hate the Timbers? I don’t think so. In my mind, it just means that I’m being realistic about level of competition and player development.

  3. Agreed. Reading many of the comments about Szetela’s “failed European stint” leads me to believe that they don’t realize how much he actually played. I have to agree with Archie–I’d take one more year of comparable minutes over there (and most likely more if he could stay healthy) to MLS. If Clint Dempsey had packed things up after his difficult start (people forget he didn’t play much in his first year), he probably wouldn’t be one of our strongest players right now.

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