Livorno to make offer for Donovan

Soccer By Ives is reporting that Gazzeta dello Sport is reporting that Livorno is reporting that they are planning to put in a bid for Donovan to MLS.  For those unfamiliar with Livorno, they earned promotion to the Serie A last year.  Although they are not historically good (before the 2004-05, they had not taken part in the top flight since 1949), they have emerged as a respectable club over the past several years, even participating in the UEFA Cup during the 2006-07 season.

The question is:  is this a good move for Donovan?  First of all, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.  No bid has been placed.  MLS are likely going to demand a hefty fee.  In other words, this deal is far from done.  That caveat aside, I could really go either way on this one.  Donovan has dominated MLS about as much as any player can be expected to.  It’s time for a new challenge.  While I’m a fan of the Serie A, I think Landon is worthy of a better club–after all, Livorno could very easily end up in a relegation battle next season.  It would also be nice to see Donovan step into a club that qualified for European competition in the upcoming season–not so big that he’ll struggle for minutes, but big enough that he will train with quality players and get those extra cup matches.  That’s my take.  Feel free to share yours below.


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