Arnoux to Everton

wfsoccerAs reported on SBI this morning, Cody Arnoux is close to signing with Everton, becoming their second transfer of the summer (not including Jo’s loan extension).  You may remember that fellow American Anton Peterlin was the first.  Arnoux is a 5-foot-10 Wake Forest striker.  He was the first player in school history to eclipse 40 pts. in a single season, earning 42 in 2008.  He led the team with 17 goals, scoring 16 in the last 16 games of the season.  He was All-ACC first team, All-American second team, and a Hermann semi-finalist.  He decided to skip last year’s draft to stay in school, but has decided to pass on his last year of eligiblity to join fellow Americans Anton Peterlin and Tim Howard at Everton.

This is pretty exciting news.  Let’s hope Peterlin and Arnoux can find the field in their rookie seasons at Everton Amerton.


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  1. As a huge Everton supporter and US fan, it’s good to see young American talent making there way over to Europe. The level of competition there is vastly better than what they would face in the States, which will pay dividends for the national team come next summer. Lets hope Cody can succeed at Goodison!

  2. I think what’s most disheartening about the Peterlin move is that he was (seemingly) off the radar of US Soccer. It’s understandable for a player like Benny Feilhaber to slip through the cracks until he makes it as a walk-on in college, but Peterlin was 22 and playing for a PDL team. You’d think MLS/the higher-ups at US Soccer would be better equipt to find a player like this than, say…Everton. It’s a feel good story, and I’m certainly happy for the kid, but it would have been nice if people in this country were aware of his existence before his move to England…it makes me worry that there are more like him out there.

    Arnoux, on the other hand, was on our radar. He was projected as a high pick for the 2010 MLS draft. I think it was a great decision on his part to take a chance in England instead of playing out his senior season of college, as he had initially planned.

    I hope both of these kids find a lot of success in England. If I had to guess, I’d say both are going to struggle for minutes this year, but hopefully in 1-2 years, they can start finding the field for Everton. I am a Liverpool supporter, but Everton are doing a swell job of making it harder and harder for me to hate them…

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