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Gold Cup recap

The Gold Cup is over.  While the final was certainly a disappointment, it’s important to recognize the purpose of this edition of the tournament–it was an opportunity to evaluate our fringe players, hopefully identifying who should (and should not) be considered for the 2010 roster.  Here’s our take:



Troy Perkins (G) – It would probably be more accurate to say that he benefited from Luis Robles hurting his cause.  Yes, he had problems with distribution at times.  Yes, he let in 5 against Mexico.  But right now, he looks like the front-runner for our #3 GK spot.

Heath Pearce (D) – He seemingly had fallen out of the left back race before the Gold Cup.  He played pretty well, for the most part.  Could potentially sneak in as a back-up left back.  Finding a club that will play him is a must.

Chad Marshall (D) – He looked composed for the US.  He has passed Califf in the pecking order and should definitely be considered for the 2010 roster.

Jimmy Conrad (D) – I was always a little confused why his name wasn’t in the center back conversation.  He’s pretty good, and he showed it in this tournament.

Clarence Goodson (D) –  Too bad for him, two other centerbacks equalled his performance.  Regardless, he has proven himself as a reliable back-up.

Steve Cherundolo (D) – Limited playing time, but he showed why he was a lock at right back before he got hurt and Spector took his chance to impress in the Confederations Cup.

Stuart Holden (M) – Showed flashes of the creativity that the US midfield is sorely lacking.  At times, he looked like a genius.  Other times, he was giving the ball away and crossing wildly.  The potential is obvious.

Kyle Beckerman (M) – Gives the ball away more than you’d like, but he showed good composure on the ball, impressive workrate, and the ability to shoot from distance.  Too bad there are so many players sitting ahead of him on the depth chart.

Benny Feilhaber (M) – Very limited playing time, but he showed what a player of his quality can do (and should do) when put into a game against weaker CONCACAF opponents.  He is clearly a front-runner for one of those center mid slots.

Robbie Rogers (M) – Started out very well, ended very poorly.  Not many people were talking about him as a potential World Cup team member before the tournament, but competent natural wingers are hard for us to come by these days.

Charlie Davies (F) – Similar to Benny Feilhaber, he highlighted the gulf in class between the first team and second team in his limited time on the field.



Luis Robles (G) – Put in an absolute shocker against Haiti.  Perkins isn’t so far ahead of him that he’s out of the race, but he’s definitely got some catching up to do.

Jay Heaps (D) – Was this guy ever really in contention for a roster spot?  I’m glad that this MLS vet got the opportunity to represent his country, but he should never suit up for the US again.

Michael Parkhurst (D)– I’ve never been a big fan of this guy.  And with Marshall, Goodson, and Conrad all putting in good performances, it’s hard to see how he will even come close to cracking the 23-man roster.

Colin Clark (M) – Looked pretty bad against Haiti.  Seems like a non-factor at this point.



Jon Busch (G) – Was not given the opportunity to help or hurt his cause.

Freddy Adu (M) – Not as good as you would have liked, but not bad, either.  Needs playing time if he wants to make it to South Africa.

Santino Quaranta (M) – Not a bad showing.  Helped the US past Honduras.  I just don’t see him making a case for a roster spot.  That said, he is still only 24 years old (wow.), so it’s hard to call him a lost cause.

Sam Cronin (M) – Not quite there.

Brad Evans (M)– Meh.

Brian Ching (F)– Thought about putting him under “Helped Their Causes,” but what did he really show us?  He showed us what we already knew: he can hold the ball well, distribute well, and draw fouls, but he can’t take his goal-scoring opportunities.  He’s probably the starter right now, but you’d hope Davies and Altidore would be the clear favorites with one more year of development.

Davy Arnaud (F) – Looked alright at times, but I can’t imagine this guy making the roster.  His last two matches were pretty bad, and I’d be surprised if he got too many more looks (if any). 

Kenny Cooper (F)– Failed to make the most of his opportunities to impress.  He may very well be our #4 true striker at the moment (I’m excluding Landon from this list), but if he fails to improve significantly over the next year, and no one else steps up, I can’t imagine he’ll be coming along for the ride–we’ll probably only take Ching, Davies, and Altidore.


Let’s summarize by breaking this down into four categories:

Locks (if the roster were chosen today):  Troy Perkins, Chad Marshall, Steve Cherundolo, Benny Feilhaber, Charlie Davies, Brian Ching

Legitimate Contenders: Heath Pearce, Jimmy Conrad, Clarence Goodson, Stuart Holden, Freddy Adu, Robbie Rogers

Long Shots: Luis Robles, Michael Parkhurst, Kyle Beckerman, Kenny Cooper

No Shots: Jon Busch, Jay Heaps, Logan Pause, Sam Cronin (for 2010), Brad Evans, Colin Clark, Santino Quaranta, Davy Arnaud


5 Responses

  1. Quaranta’s only 24? why do i feel like he has been playing my entire life?

    For the most part I think that your assessments of the players chances for 2010 are pretty good. I think that right now, Beckerman is probably ahead of people like Adu, Rogers, and Holden (Bradley has shown that he clearly does not really look at a players true position, so the logjam at CM shouldn’t hurt him that much), but with nearly another year to go I wouldn’t expect him to hold off the younger players, especially if Adu gets to a club that gives him regular playing time.

    I feel kind of bad for Jimmy Conrad. I think that if he doesn’t go out against Panama, he was playing himself into being a lock for the spot behind DeMerrit. Hopefully Bradley doesn’t forget about him.

  2. Josh –

    I know what you’re saying about Quaranta. I was going to try to work in a joke like “Santino ‘Ronald Cerritos’ Quaranta,” but decided a) it was a little obscure, b) didn’t totally make sense, and c) wasn’t that funny. Thus, I elected not to put it in.

    I feel really mixed about Beckerman. The reason I put him down as a long shot was because, while he might be a little steadier than, say, Adu, Rogers, or Holden, he’s also several years older than those guys. I was treating the “Locks” category as if the squad were selected today. (I wanted to refrain from the, “well, Adu SHOULD be good enough in a year” game. I’m saving that for our upcoming 23-tickets feature.) But I think age and the opportunity to progress over the next year factored into my other categories (for instance, maybe if Davy Arnaud were 6 years younger, I’d have put him somewhere higher than “No Shots”; likewise, Adu would probably be a category lower if he were several years older). I know this is confusing and you might still disagree with my categorization of Beckerman, but that was my logic.

    I like Conrad, too. I was a little confused why Califf was our go-to back-up when we’ve had Conrad–one of the best defenders in MLS, not to mention a World Cup veteran–available the whole time. I heard some speculation that he and Bob Bradley didn’t see eye-to-eye. I was happy to see him included in the Gold Cup roster and I think he showed really well when given the opportunity. And you’re right–given a couple more games to impress, he could have gone a long ways to locking down one of those roster spots. If I had to select 8 defenders for the World Cup right now (note: since Edgar Castillo is not one of us yet, he won’t be considered here), I’d probably choose: Cherundolo, Spector, Onyewu, DeMerit, Marshall, Conrad, Bocanegra, and Pearce. Unfortunately–and this is just a feeling I have–I doubt Conrad is the #3/#4 centerback in Bradley’s mind. I’d guess he is still sitting behind Califf and now Goodson.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond!

  3. Quaranta was signed by DC United when he was 16, so he’s been around just as long as guys like Beckerman or Arnaud. That’s why he feels like a vet who’s probably past his prime.

    By the way, you forgot to include him in your break down at the end! ; )

  4. Thanks for catching that

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