Cooper to 1860 Munich

Soccernet is reporting that Kenny Cooper has been sold to 1860 Munich of the German second division.  After joining FC Dallas in 2006, Cooper scored 40 goals in 93 appearances, and was voted team MVP last season.

Question #1: Good move or bad move?  It’s a step up from FC Dallas, but the Bundesliga II (in particular 1860 Munich) hasn’t been the “springboard” league that some might believe it is.  I would have prefered a small Premier League club over this move, but it’s better than nothing.  He seems to have hit his peak in MLS, so it’s the right time to find something new.  Let’s hope he does well enough to earn a transfer, or well enough to help his team earn promotion to the top flight.

Question #2: Will this move help him challenge for a 2010 roster spot?  If he gets playing time, it should certainly help his case, but I’m not quite prepared to call his inclusion likely.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the move in the comments section.


2 Responses

  1. I feel like this probably helps his chances for 2010 a bit (assuming he plays). Bradley does like Europe based players, even if they are just Bund2 or Norway.

    I just have a feeling that their is one more true forward slot open (assuming Davies, Altidore, and Ching are in) and it is probably down to who plays more/better in Europe between Coop and EJ. There is an outside shot it could also be another MLS guy like Casey or Arnaud, but my instinct tells me it will be one of those two Euro based guys.

  2. Yeah. Everyone forgot about EJ, but if he starts getting some clock at Fulham, he could be right back in the picture.

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