Altidore to Hull City

According to Jozy Altidore’s Twitter, he has signed for Hull City and it will be announced shorty.  Here’s his latest tweet:

First match is against chelsea subject to a work permit *wink* *wink* lol thanks for the support and love keep it coming.

Technically that could mean either Manchester United (since they play in the Community Shield against Chelsea) or Hull City.  Based on recent speculation and common sense, I’m willing to make the leap and say Altidore is now a tiger.

Good for him.  If he gets playing time/helps Hull stay afloat, this could go a long way for his development.


2 Responses

  1. I love this move. I think Hull is the kind of place where he should get plenty of clock and has a great chance of working himself into the everyday 11. The only downside to moving to a place like this is the relegation uncertainty, but since this is only a loan it doesn’t really matter. I also like that according to some reports, Villareal was refusing to sell him and would only loan him, which is a good indication that he is in their future plans. Good luck Jozy.

  2. It turns out that Hull have the option to buy (maybe it’s contingent on their staying in the Prem? (just a guess)), so he doesn’t necessarily factor into Villareal’s plans.

    I agree that it’s a good move. Long-term, he can find a better club. But there aren’t too many top-flight teams in England, Spain, or Italy that would hand the kid the #9 shirt and expect him to start. I could be eating my words in a couple months, but I can’t imagine a much better situation at this point of his career.

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