Unprofessional Foul on Bob Bradley

You know, I don’t nitpick every soccer-related article I read.  Evidence:  The Unprofessional Foul’s recent article on Bradley’s job security.  It’s a really good post.  The USA’s two wins in South Africa seem to have quelled the criticism of Bradley–I personally don’t understand why.  Let me know what you think of their opinion in the comments section below.

Disclaimer:  I still don’t think a win should have been expected in Mexico, but the difficult environment doens’t excuse 80 minutes of negative play.


3 Responses

  1. I think that Bradley has been a good caretaker for the US squad and has done a decent job of bringing in different faces to the squad to give players a chance at cracking the squad. I do not think the team can go any further with him. He doesn’t seem like the kind of coach that is going to be able to usher us into being a legitimate threat on the international scene. His squad selection is shaky at times, and as you have pointed out often, he uses subs the same way people that play FIFA and Championship Manager do. I play FIFA, and my subs are usually more reactive to what is going on in the particular games than Bradley’s are.

    With all that being said, I am uncertain about if a change should happen now. I don’t really know of enough historical cases of when coaching changes happened before a World Cup and how that affected team’s performances. If we could get a world class coach, I would be for a change. But, if it was another recycled MLSer like Kinnear or Preki, then I would rather wait until after the World Cup.

  2. Josh,

    I’m with you, for the most part. I think Bradley did well at first to give new players shots at the squad, to the point that jokes were being made about his Scandinavia-love. But as of late (I’d say for most of the World Cup qualifying cycle), he’s been pretty stubborn about his squad, neglecting the form of both players on and off his team.

    I think I agree with your assertion that it’s too late for a change. World-class coach, go for it. But we were promised a world-class coach last time around and wound up with Bradley–I have no reason to believe that we’d get anything other than a Kinnear, Preki, etc. this time around.

  3. The one point I found a little silly in their article was the “why didn’t he put in Jose Francisco Torres?” question. I don’t think he plays the same position as Michael Bradley, for one. If I were managing the game, I might have put in Torres for Dempsey, who did absolutely nothing the entire time…maybe for Clark…I just don’t see how JFT for MB is an obvious screw-up on Bob’s part.

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