15-year-old Luis Gil to Arsenal?

Young Guns (a blog dedicated to Arsenal’s reserve and youth teams…no, it doesn’t have anything to do with either of the movies…yes, I’m just as disappointed as you.) is reporting that US under 17 standout Luis Gil is heading to Arsenal. Is this true? Who knows, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


4 Responses

  1. Speaking of Young Guns, that movie is desperately in need of another sequel. Part 2 left me wanting more, and it has been way too long since the Estevez/Diamond-Phillips combo has been in action. But, with my luck, instead of a sequel we will just get a shitty remake with Zac Effron and James McEvoy doing a Scottish-southern accent. Wait. I shouldn’t even joke about this just in case someone from Hollywood is reading this. You know they wont be able to stop themselves from making an Effron western.

  2. The main problem with a new sequel is that they killed off Jon Bon Jovi in the second one (Young Guns 2: Blaze of Glory). They obviously weren’t thinking ahead.

  3. Either of you guys see Young Guns 3: Blades of Glory? It was pretty funny, for what it was.

  4. I did see that one, though I didn’t realize it was a sequel until that scene near the end where Pat Garrett shows up at the ice rink and tries to arrest Chaz Michael Michaels. That tipped me off, and the ensuing gunfight really tied it all together.

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