Adu’s career is over?

I was reading a post about Freddy Adu’s club struggles on Avoiding the Drop and came across this line:

So we’re left with this reality: Freddy Adu is only twenty years old and there’s a very real possibility that his career is already over.

Wow.  Will Freddy Adu make the World Cup roster?  It’s looking less and less likely.  Is Freddy Adu the next Pele?  Definitely not.  But really–is his career over at age 20?  I have one question in response to claims like these: What was (almost) any American international doing at age 20?  Many were playing college soccer.  Others were trying to crack their MLS squads.  Still others, just like Freddy, were riding the pine in Europe.

It’s completely fair to say, “Freddy Adu’s career isn’t quite shaping up as we’d hoped.”  But if players’ careers ended the minute they failed to get playing time in Europe at age 20…well…who would we field besides Jozy Altidore?


2 Responses

  1. Dude, we fielded Bobby Convey (haha) in the last World Cup, remember! Anyone is better than him! LOL!

  2. Come on! BobCon in his prime (age 24?) was pretty good.

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