Dear Bob Bradley: Sweatpants?

Bob Bradley's sweatpants

Dear Bob Bradley,

What does it take to get you to wear something more that sweatpants to work? More than the Confederations Cup Final, apparently. You’re Ivy League, Bob. You know how this is done. Show a little respect for the game and throw on a suit and tie every once in a while.

If you have any questions, just ask Pep Guardiola.


Project 2o1o

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9 Responses

  1. Way to shamelessly copy’s image-style. Keep up the good work.

  2. Actually, I was shamelessly copying Vice Magazine’s “Do & Don’t” section. I wasn’t aware that the Offside Rules had a trademark on lazy design and the Helvetica font.

  3. Yeah, heaven forbid the coach not alienate his team by dressing similar to them. This isn’t a business meeting, it’s a soccer game. I think NOT looking like a pretentious prick is good idea. You may choose otherwise.

  4. Wholeheartedly agree with Daved. Since when do you have to wear a SUIT to a sporting event? it’s a game for chrissakes, stop acting like you’re changing the world and dress like the players. Should Baseball or American Football coaches wear suits? don’t be ridiculous.

    • Other than every single NBA and NHL coach? Hmm….i’m hard pressed to think of coaches wearing suits at American sporting events, outside of those.

      I did read recently that Barcelona busted out of the champions league because the players felt alienated by Guardiola’s choice of clothing, so you may be onto something…

      I mean, how are they supposed to know who’s running the team if he doesn’t wear a matching outfit?

  5. basketball coaches wear suites… and when you reach that type of level it is a business.

  6. Suits me. Casual can be taken too far – I had a friend show up at my wedding in gym shorts, and they weren’t new ones, either. Most likely, Bob wants to be able to warm up with the boys, but a World Cup definitely calls for a suit. I should think the thousands of plastic trumpets would be more of a distraction.

    Of course I’m not your typical jock – I bought a smashing new suit months in advance of my high school reunion, but that’s just me.

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