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5 Predictions [USA vs. Honduras]

1.  We will play two defensive midfielders. Too easy.

1.  Benny Feilhaber will enter the game around the 65th minute.  I’m going to guess it’s for Jozy Altidore this time.

2.  No matter the outcome, American soccer journalists will insist that getting a result was never going to be easy because of the extreme difficulty of CONCACAF road qualifiers.

3.  I will be forced to watch the game at Nevada Smiths.  I will hear at least two different people call the referee a “wankerrr” (both American).  One person will try to fit “please string some passes together” into a song–he won’t be too successful. 

4.  At least one member of the Honduran media will mistake Stu Holden for a member of O-Town.


5.  Buy your tickets to South Africa!  USA 2 – 1 Honduras.  Despite Honduras holding the majority of possession and looking better for long stretches, the USA’s talent up front will allow them to escape with a win.  The USA guarantee themselves a spot in the 2010 World Cup.  El Salvador are eliminated after losing to Mexico.  Costa Rica move up to third place.


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