Charlie Davies recovering

News out of DC is that Charlie Davies had successful surgery and remains in the hospital. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him, and it sounds like he is lucky to be alive. We’re just glad to hear that he’s doing okay.

More details from Soccer by Ives:

Davies underwent five hours of surgery on Tuesday to repair the following: a lacerated bladder, fractures to the tibia and femur in his right leg, facial fractures and a left elbow fracture.

Davies had titanium rods in his tibia and femur with no complications. He will be hospitalized at least a week, with more surgeries to follow in order to stabilize his left elbow fracture and possibly his facial fractures.

“Injuries of this nature usually require a recovery period of six to 12 months and extensive rehabilitation,” said U.S. Soccer physician Dr. Dan Kalbac, who is with the team in D.C. and collaborated with the treating doctors. ”Due to Charlie’s fitness level, his prognosis for recovery and his ability to resume high-level competition is substantially improved.”


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