USA win the group!

The 2-0 first-half deficit made it seem unlikely, but the US were able to battle back to match points with Mexico, and therefore, win the group.  Well done, boys!  Here are some thoughts from the game:

-It was great to see the US create so many chances.  You’d like to see us finish more of those (obviously), but on another day, it could have easily been 5-2.

-Despite John Harkes’ love for our left back, I think Bornstein actually had a pretty bad game (other than the goal at the end, which was pretty great).  He has the speed, but he gets beat a little too easily.  He isn’t that great on the ball.  His crosses aren’t very good.  I’d like to see us try out some other options at left back.

-Benny!  You look so good coming off the bench.  Why can’t you make more of your starting opportunities?

-Robbie Rogers looked good out there.  I don’t think Holden should be a lock as Dempsey’s replacement.

-Torres needs more playing time.

-That’s the Conor Casey we’re used to seeing.  I think it’s time to give Kenny Cooper another crack at the starting XI.

-Jozy Altidore may have had the best Brian Ching performance ever (distributing, drawing fouls, but unable to finish).  He is very close to being an absolute monster.

-Gooch out 3-4 months.  DeMerit out indefinitely.  Davies out 6-12 months.  Our depth is about to be put to the test.

-For the next two games, I’m a Costa Rica fan.  Let’s hope Ruiz can put in performances against Uruguay like the one he did against the US last night.  Best of luck, Ticos.


3 Responses

  1. I second everything you say about Bornstein. I would like to see just about anyone else given a chance for that spot (Spector, Castillo, even one of our midfielders like Benny or Torres). Even though he was pretty awful the last few times he was on the team, I think that even DeBease is a better option at left back.

    For the first time ever, I was excited by both Rogers and Torres. I have never been on the bandwagon of either player (mainly because of lack of exposure to them), but I thought they both played well. Even though Holden didn’t have the greatest game, I think those three give us a strong trio of young attack minded midfielders we can bring off the bench or start if needed.

    Benny didn’t have his best game and he has definitely been more effective as a sub. But, until we see if Mo Edu or Jones can come in and own that spot, I think he is probably our best option and a better option than Rico.

    I am interested to see what Bradley does with the forward spot now. With this game, Jozy has completely nailed down an indisputable spot in the starting XI in my eyes. Now we have to find someone to play with him. I suspect Bradley will stick Ching/Casey or maybe Coop. In one of the next couple of friendlies I wouldn’t mind seeing EJ given another (perhaps last) shot at it and seeing if his speed can somewhat help us replicate the Jozy/Charlie duo.

  2. Oh. I forgot to add one thing. With injury problems at CB, our depth there will be tested. I would just like to plead with Bradley to do me one favor, do not call up Michael Parkhurst. Anybody would be better. If we are really that desperate at CB, I will spend the next few months getting into the greatest shape I could possibly get in and play. Anything to keep Parkhurst off the field. Please Bob. I am begging. Literally.

  3. I agree, particularly on your “no more Parkhurst” point and the stuff about our left backs. What bugs me about American soccer journalists (ok–I have only one in mind) is that whenever we have someone like Frankie or Jonathan B. playing and they don’t completely fuck up, it turns into this thing–“Guess all the haters were wrong! This guy is awesome!” Remember after Frankie single-handedly drew with El Salvador, there was serious talk about him being our #1 (even after Cherundolo got healthy). Then what happened? Frankie got hurt. Spector–who many had been wanting to start for months–comes in and shows what an actually right back should play like. Then Cherundolo got healthy and showed the same. Anyone with half a brain should be completely embarrassed if they ever seriously thought Hejduk was a better option than those guys. Now we’re going through the same thing with JB.

    The worst part is when Bob Bradley decides to (is forced to) give a shot to another player and they actually look good, Bradley gets credit for being a genius. There is this weird theory out there that clearly states if Bradley isn’t playing a guy, there must be a great reason. Remember, it was only several months ago that Jozy was too young. Davies wasn’t good enough. Spector was too inexperienced. DeMerit was our “fifth best” center back (Dan Califf and Michael Parkhurst were considered better). Right now, we are hearing about how Torres doesn’t have the experience. Left back is Spector’s fourth-best position (it hasn’t occurred to anyone that Spector’s fourth-best position might be better than Bornstein’s first-best). Castillo is unproven. Etc. It’s really frustrating.

    Sorry for ranting.

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