The new U.S. 2010 Nike jerseys? [UPDATED]

I’ll start this off by saying that I’m not usually one to perpetuate rumors (and this could easily be a hoax), but we love discussing the USA’s jerseys here at Project 2010, so this seemed relevant. Over at Big Soccer, we saw some mock ups of what might possibly be the jersey the USA will wear in South Africa, so we thought we’d pass it along. The story is that someone who has seen the home jerseys with his own eyes (in a catalog or promotional video or something of that nature) has created a rendering of the shirt. Here’s what he posted:

UPDATE 1: The creator of the mock ups posted what looks like a screen capture from a video:

UPDATE 2: He has now posted screen captures with Clint Dempsey in the jersey:

Seems totally possible to me that they could look something like this. It combines the sash that everyone seems to love and the grayish stripe of our 2008 jerseys. I like it. I’ve always said that I would prefer a red home shirt, but I’d be happy if they end up looking like this.

The same person also posted these images, though I believe that these are 100% educated guesses:

Again, this seems totally plausible. And again, I like it. The only potential issue with these away mockups is that we haven’t seen Nike use the same template for our home and away shirts since 2004, but maybe they’re returning to that.

This could be a complete hoax, but we figure since we post completely crazy transfer rumors from time to time, why should it be any different with the jerseys? Even if they end up being completely different, it’s still interesting to see what one fan came up with.


22 Responses

  1. Noooo! First of all, WHY did they go with a ring tee collar? I hate those because they never fit snugly, like the white 2006 jersey did…

  2. I am the creator of these mock ups. I have redrawn the mock ups based on this picture:

    The away kits are based of speculation and have used the same template as the home which has been confirmed.

  3. Photos of Dempsey now.

    Ok here is the original picture:

    And I tried to scale it down here so it wouldn’t be so blurry.

    Don’t know why Dempsey is #10 though.

  4. “Heeeere he comes…..Mister America…”

    A sash. A sash? Are you kidding me, a SASH??

  5. And what’s with the inexplicable red thing on the sleeves?

  6. Boring. Come on, at least trim the sash with red pinstripes to give it some color.

  7. I like the diagonal stripe (ie. DTOM kits & 2003 thrid kit), but this “sash” looks more like a crossing guard.

    • I honestly don’t understand the difference. It’s just a diagonal stripe (like the 1950 one). Some people call it a sash. Some people don’t. It’s a common motif for soccer jerseys. I don’t see the difference with the sash on the old jerseys vs. this one. I like em both.

  8. I’m surprised that people don’t like this design more. It’s a classic, clean look. Considering some of the horrible kits we *cough*1994*cough* and others have had to endure, I’m surprised people are fretting over this one. I would be very surprised if in two years time our fanbase didn’t warm up to these kits (if they prove to be the real deal). These are right up there with the horizontal-stripe jerseys we’ve had in the past.

    • well, 90% of the sites i read two years ago hated the 2008 home shirts and now most seem to love them (just see the poll we did). i think the same thing will happen with these.

  9. timmy is right. the uniforms look like a crossing guard. worse, they looks like prom king prom queen and old pictures from the UK royal family. Come on, please call Nike that their jerseys should be redo, redesign. Put more stripes diagonal the jerseys. the usa is not from royalty. Look like wimp…no toughness no character. I am so shameful to wear these jersey on the street. I will be teased….

  10. I think if Nike & USSF release the dark red kit, you will see a very positive reaction from supporters. Hopefully they will release all three colors.

  11. i love the new jerseys and i hope its just not the blue ones they are coming out with like they said on the facebook message i plan on buying a new jersey hopefully the red 1 comes out i like that 1 alot

  12. i love it its soooooo cool

  13. The new jersey’s are tight! I’ll wait and p/u a knock-off on Roosevelt Ave for $20 though!

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