Bradley’s Babes: 23 for 2010 [January]

In this monthly segment, we attempt to answer the question, “Who should we take to South Africa?” Rather than taking the standard approach (doing our best to guess who Bob will take to South Africa), we focus on who we think Bradley should take.

This month’s edition of Bradley’s Babes is coming out a little late because we wanted to wait for the month’s lone friendly before we made our selections. Unfortunately, the Honduras game did little to clarify the situation and instead, only made the whole process muddier. Players who were moving closer and closer to the “lock” category–Chad Marshall and Jimmy Conrad, in particular–only hurt their causes. Meanwhile, Clint Dempsey’s injury scare made the forward situation look even bleaker for a while. Just to keep ourselves from suffering from a crippling bout of depression, we’ve made the decision to stop excluding our injured contingent–it’s looking more and more like they’ll all be recovering ahead of schedule (Jermaine Jones excluded), so it’s time to bring them back into the mix. Here it is–your January edition of Bradley’s Babes: (Read more…)


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