Jermaine Jones cleared to play for USA

FIFA has approved the change of association application for Jermaine Jones, making the midfielder available for selection for the U.S. Men’s National Team. Well, qualifying is over and Jones is still fighting an injury, but this is still good news. He should help the team immensely once he has recovered.

Jermaine Jones eligible for USA after August 2

Soccer 365 is reporting that Jermaine Jones will be eligible to suit up for the United States after August 2. The previous report of October 1 was based on misinformation from FIFA.

This means that Jones would be able to play against Mexico at the Azteca on August 12, assuming his switch is approved by the FIFA Player Status Committee.

Jermaine Jones to play for USA?

Soccer by Ives is reporting the Shalke 04 midfielder Jermaine Jones is planning to switch his international football allegiance from Germany to the USA. I think we’ve already got a glut of defensive midfielders, but this is still exciting news. Just who is Jermaine Jones? Here’s what Ives has to say:

“He’s a talented 27-year old who will easily be one of the best midfielders in the U.S. pool the minute he puts on a uniform…A brash defensive midfielder who boasts incredible athleticism as well as a noted mean streak. The son of a German mother and American serviceman father, Jones made three appearances with the German national team, but all three matches were friendlies, meaning Jones can still change national teams.”

Read more at Soccer by Ives.

Germany denied Subotic bid

Subotic could challenge Bocanegra or Onyewu for a starting spot for 2010...

Subotic could challenge Bocanegra or Onyewu for a starting spot for 2010

It looks like standout defender Neven Subotic is one step closer to being a US player after FIFA ruled against Germany’s bid to make him one of theirs.  FIFA cited a rule that states a player can’t switch to a country of which he wasn’t a citizen before he took part in his first FIFA competition.  In the case of Subotic, he can’t play for Germany because he wasn’t yet a German citizen when he played for the US in the U-17 World Cup in Peru.

This is certainly good news for the US, but we aren’t out of the woods yet.  He can still choose to play for Bosnia or Serbia (the country his father would like to see him play for).  I would bet on him choosing the US, but what do I know.  All we can do is hope for the best.  And if the worst happens, it’s just one more reason to hate Thomas Rongen (do we really need one?).  Click here to read the full story from