Jumping on the anti-Beckham bandwagon UPDATE

Well, MLS announced today that they have fined Beckham $1000 for “[engaging] in conduct that can be interpreted as encouraging fans to come out of the stands.”  Although the amount of the fine is pretty meaningless–obviously $1000 to Beckham is the equivalent of about 1 cent to me–it’s the message that matters.  In my opinion, the message isn’t strong enough.  Doing something that “can be interpreted as encouraging fans to come out of the stands” isn’t quite the same as “trying to pick a fight with home supporters.”  Better than nothing, but still pretty weak.  Enough of this nonsense, let’s get back to US Soccer…

I’m planning on going to the Gold Cup final on Sunday.  Expect some sort of game recap, a tourney recap, a Q&A, and the first edition of our World Cup roster predictions in the coming week.


Jumping on the anti-Beckham bandwagon


There's something sarong about Becks' attitude

I know this isn’t US Soccer related, but I find this situation pretty annoying.  David Beckham abandoned his team for half a season.  Instead of admitting he did so in order to achieve his personal goals, he tried to deflect heat by claiming all other players in his situation would have chosen the same path.  Then he blamed Capello for telling him he had to do it.  Now he has explicitly stated that he intends to do it again next year.  What a joker.

The LA Riot Squad were completely right to paint this guy as a villain.  While it wrong of one of the hecklers to jump out of the stands, it was even worse for a player–especially one who claims to be the consummate professional–to call him out, especially during a game.  The league has lost a lot of credibility for not issuing a ban and fine for the incident.  You cannot tell me that they wouldn’t have taken action if Alan Gordon were the player in question.

Perhaps Donovan was wrong to speak so openly to Wahl about his teammate, but Becks has exhausted any drop of sympathy he miraculously elicited on his return to LA.  Trying to play for one’s national team is no crime.  Seeking out top-level soccer isn’t, either.  But Beckham’s claims of commitment to LA, its fans, and the growth of soccer in America are quite simply lies.  For that, Beckham doesn’t deserve any good will–he deserves every taunt Galaxy fans are willing to dish out.