P2010’s first Q&A

You guys recently submitted your questions to us–picking our brains about everything US Soccer (and some other stuff, as well).  Thank you for participating.  Some of the questions are obviously pretty old, but we don’t get that many and we wanted to answer all of them. Now here are our answers:

HEJDUK FAN – Hi guys.  Why do you hate on Frankie so much?  The fact that you don’t see how beneficial his experience, heart and drive are to the USMNT makes me think you guys have never watched a game of soccer in your life.  He single-handedly WILLED us to a draw in El Salvador.  Didn’t you watch that?  Oh wait, you probably didn’t because you obviously don’t watch soccer.

P2010 – Heart and drive are nice, and so is his workrate.  But when you’re playing international-level soccer, I think the ability to pass the ball is important.  As is the ability to not tackle with two feet.  Hejduk has his good games, but I think he peaks at about a 6.  Cherundolo and Spector at their best are far better than Hejduk at his, and Hejduk at his worst is almost untouchable by US international standards (OK–Jay Heaps gave him a serious run for his money).

On the whole “experience” argument…  Experience is great–I’m not against it, as some people seem to believe.  But to treat it as a requisite factor for playing with the USMNT is just silly.  I’m in favor of getting our more talented players the experience earlier on, instead of relying on the less talented players for far too long simply because they’ve “been there”.


JOHNNY5 – Any predictions for the Mexico game?

P2010 – It’s hard to say.  Expectations are pretty high for this one, but I don’t think the US is going to be able to come out with any points.  I’ll say Davies opens up the scoring pretty early on, but we lose control of the game after that.  Mexico equalize midway through the first half and grab the winner late in the second.  It’ll also probably come out later that one of our players had the swine flu, so at least we’ll have that excuse.



P2010 – RC


URGAY2010 – Question: How stupid do you feel now about publishing that trash post about firing Bob Bradley.  Yeah he must totally suck, he beat Spain you ****ing morons.

P2010 – Not very.  I question whether he actually beat Spain.  The US beat Spain.  It’d be unfair to completely blame Bradley for all our shortcomings.  Similarly, it’d be unfair to give him all credit for our successes.  Let’s just take a look back at our complaints:

Squad Selection: I can admit that I liked the squad we sent out during the knockouts of the Confederations Cup.  But it took several injuries to arrive at this lineup.  I question whether we would have had that back four if Cherundolo, Hejduk, and Bocanegra hadn’t fallen victim to injuries.  Even after the success at the Confed Cup, Bradley still started Ching ahead of Altidore and Cherundolo ahead of Spector in Mexico, neither of which worked out particularly well.  I also question the decision to start Clark over someone with the ability to control pace and distribute the ball (in-form Feilhaber comes to mind).  None of these could be labeled a serious misstep, but with the lineup sent out, I think the struggles were foreseeable.

Tactics: I’m pretty sure we were playing to hold onto points for 80 minutes against Mexico.  Sitting back like that is never a good idea against talented attacking teams (or anyone, really).  This is also how we lost to Brazil–we let them attack and gave the ball away far too cheaply when we got it.

Motivation: I don’t know if I’d still choose this word today.  But in the last three finals, we’ve gone into half time at 2-0, 0-0, and 1-1.  We lost all three, giving up 9 second-half goals in the process.  (It is a little unfair to bring the Gold Cup in this discussion, but Bradley was the manager, and it follows a trend we see in other games he’s managed.)

Discipline: I believe 3/4 of our back line had yellows by halftime of the Mexico qualifier.  They may have been harsh, but they were avoidable.

We still recognize (as we have all along) that Bradley will never get fired before the World Cup (unless we fail to qualify, which is highly unlikely).  We don’t need a new coach to win big games, as we learned against Spain.  But I still think we’d win more of them and see a more attractive brand of soccer if we had the right man in charge.


CITEH BOI 19 – I know this isn’t about the national team, but what do you think MLS should name the new Philly team?  I think MLS needs a Citeh, so I’m going with Philadelphia City.  I’m just sick of these stupid American sports names because the rest of the world is just laughing at us, right?

P2010 – As you know by now, MLS chose to go with the name Philadelphia Union.  And Yes, the rest of the world IS laughing at us.  It’s time for MLS to stop messing around and take this whole European copy-cat concept to the next level.  These were our top five choices for Philadelphia’s team name (in no particular order):

-Philadelphia Celtic

-Wolverdelphia Wanderers

-FC Girondins de Philadelphia

-Bayern Philadelphia

-The Philadelphia Manchester Uniteds

Any of these names would certainly elevate MLS and US Soccer to unprecedented levels of worldwide support and respect.


BURNDALLASBURN – if john o’brien came out of retirement and played for the chicago fire, where do you think they’d finish in the premier league?

P2010 – 17th. 24 pts. -28 GD.


DAVID ARVIZU’S MOM – What ever happened to David Arvizu?

P2010 – Good question. I think he’s hanging out with the Farfan brothers.


GreenStreetFoolAgain – Based upon your unquestionable expertise, how would you rate MLS stadia vs. EPL? Would we avoid the drop or are we more Championship caliber?

P2010 – Dear Green Street, not only is this not national team related, but your question doesn’t even make sense. I’m not sure where to begin. It seems obvious to me that MLS stadia are much more in line with the Dutch League in terms of size and quality. And to think that a fully professional stadium competition league would involve promotion and relegation, even in Europe, is completely preposterous. That said, the MLS stadia that could obtain work permits would occupy positions 4, 5, 8, 15, and 18 in a 20-team table.


HejLove –  When healthy, where would you rate John O’Brien in the current US goalkeeper pecking order? I’d put him in 3rd, behind Guzan but ahead of Hahnemann.

P2010 – Really? Come on guys and gals, let’s get realistic here. The man is injured, not to mention retired. And a midfielder by trade. If camp started tomorrow, there’s no way he’s walking in higher than 4th in the GK pecking order.


Well, that’s it until next time. Feel free to leave questions in the comment section and we’ll get to them next time. Thanks. -p2010