New Charlie Davies interview on Sochaux website have posted a new interview with Charlie Davies. Sounds like he’s continuing to progress very quickly.

“I made the progression I expected and I had hoped for by coming here. Everything is coming along.”

“I definitely feel that I’m able to get back towards the end of April. I feel really confident that I’ll be back to myself as far as physical able to run, cut, shoot and do everything that I could before. Right now it’s just continuing day by day.”

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Charlie Davies to Sochaux [updated, re-updated]

L’Equipe reports that Charlie Davies is moving to Ligue 1 side Sochaux. Sounds like a good move to me.

UPDATE: According to Davies’ Twitter, he has not signed with Sochaux.  He is still with Hammarby.  A move somewhere is very likely to come soon, I believe.  No word if Sochaux is actually the front-runner or if this was just an unfounded rumor.

RE-UPDATE: Last one, I promise.  Davies’ move to Sochaux is now complete.  I think it’s a good move.  He’ll be able to compete for a spot right off the bat.  He’s a in a better league.  If all goes well, he could be in great form for 2010.